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Perfect Buzzer

We provide 3D printed custom designed Doorbell Mounts and other parts that cannot be found anywhere else.
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Customer Testimonial

Jim Z : Thank you Ricky Riche for the doorbell mount… had for about a month and love it.!! Does exactly what I wanted to do. Thanks bro.
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Perfect Buzzer

We custom design functional prints. I am an engineer and enjoy designing useful items that fill a need. Always open to suggestions, improvements, or new ideas.
I started selling a few items in April 2021 when I received my Wyze Doorbell. Once I installed it, I knew I needed to do something different. I wanted to see my doormat where delivery drivers would bring my items. I didn’t want to scroll through all the events. I guess I could have bought another camera, but this could do both with the perfect angle mount. So I started designing my own mount. After several trial prints I had some fixed mounts that would work, but the fixed mount didn’t give me the flexibility to adjust. So I began exploring options of joint types that could have an opening for wires to pass. Looked at ball type joints and thought it could work. So that’s where I started. Have expended to ring products and will expand to other doorbells as time permits.
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All orders are shipped through USPS first class mail unless upgrade shipping is requested. Processing times range from 1-3 days. Delivery by first class mail is 2-5 days in US. Up to 2 weeks for Canada. Sorry Returns are not accepted, but we gladly accept exchanges. Please inquire on how to exchange an item if you purchased the wrong thing.